Music Department

We have about 50 musicians that lead English Worship at our 
five English Masses each Sunday. There are different choirs for 
everyone. If you are interested in joining one of our choirs 
please contact Susan Miller, or the Parish Office. We would love
to add your talents to raise praises to the Lord!

• Adult Chancel Choir - Sings at every 9AM Mass in the Fall,    
   Winter, and Spring. Practice is Thursday nights at 6:30pm.
   Susan Miller, Music director 586-3820.

• St. Joseph School Choir - 1st-8th grades sing at every 
   first Friday Mass 9:30 AM, and during the school year for
   Sunday masses. 
Patricia Schweppe, director.

• Youth  Mass - Sunday evening 7pm. 
   Emily Brown, director.

• Filipino-American Choir - Sings once a month.
   Miriam Zaragoza, director.

• Knights of Columbus Choir - Sings on the 4th Sunday of the 
month at 11am. Jeff Hylden, director.

Cantors and Instrumentalists sing /play once a month for Mass.

Calendar of Events

Contact Susan, our music leader at the parish office 
586-3820 for more details.    

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